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This training course is intended for our J5/J8 Part A/B providers billing on a UB-04/CMS-1500 or electronic equivalent.

The audio of this presentation was recorded during a training held on 03/27/18 and has a run time of 56 minutes and 43 seconds. The date and time listed in the registration section are system completed place holders. This course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not sure what a Medicare Advantage Plan is? Is WPS GHA denying your claims because the patient is enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan? Not sure where to go when you need help with a Medicare Advantage Plan? This webinar will answer these questions and more.
The data is in and we are seeing a large number of denials due to beneficiaries being enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) or Part C Plan. This training will include:

• A basic overview of Medicare Advantage
• Resources used to determine a beneficiary’s election
• Who to contact with issues regarding these plans
On-Demand - What Is Medicare Advantage and How Does It Affect Me?
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Dates: Jun 21, 2099 9:00 am - Jun 21, 2099 5:00 pm
Location: On-Demand
Instructor: WPS GHA POE Staff